Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

LeBron James is no Michael Jordan which might explain why King James is having trouble recruiting NBA players for Space Jam 2.

Continue on to get the latest troubles LeBron James is having with  Space Jam 2… is hearing that LeBron James is reportedly having difficulty recruiting fellow NBA players to co-star with him in Space Jam 2.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (via Chris Montano), James hasn’t been able to lock down deals with some of the “top guys” he wants for Space Jam 2.

This adds further insult to what’s already been a hard year for James. Since his Los Angeles Lakers are eliminated from postseason contention.

If you recall, the original film was a vehicle for Michael Jordan, and he had no problem signing on big names, unlike LeBron. The first and beloved Space Jam included Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson who had their talents stolen by the villainous Monstars.

These days, NBA stars are arguably more popular than ever and several current players have extremely large profiles and could be a better star than LeBron. The list of players King James has tried to get are Stephen Curry, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid, but so far no go.

Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

So what is the problem with casting?

It’s already been said that shoe contracts and endorsements are the problems. Plus NBA stars like Giannis has made it clear why he said “NO” to Space Jam 2, saying:

I don’t like being Hollywood.

Space Jam 2 is filming over the summer, a time of year where some players work on developing their games to improve for the next season. It’s possible the NBA’s premier talent would rather do that instead of taking a bit part in a movie.

Maybe LeBron should go with the up and coming NBA stars instead. It appears other players work with him, but don’t want to star in a movie that supports him. That says a lot.

What about his former ballers or friends like Dwayne Wade, Russell Westbrook or some of the Cleveland Cavs? They’ probably say yes.


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