Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Morbius Gets Release Date

Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Morbius Gets Release Date

The next Spider-Man spinoff Morbius is coming from Sony The movie is set to follow the anti-hero exploits of the blood-sucking antagonist.

Read on to get the latest details on the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Morbius

Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Morbius Gets Release DateCelebNMovies247.com reports that the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Morbius will be penned by the 2017 Power Rangers movie duo Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama.

Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama are the masterminds behind the incredible Netflix series Lost in Space. In addition to the writers, Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) will direct.

However, there are no details yet on Sony’s prospective approach to Morbius. Like most anti-hero’s (Venom) the character’s traditional tragic anti-hero elements seem ripe for adaptation.

Currently, Jared Leto has been cast to play Michael Morbius and Matt Smith (Doctor Who) has also been cast in a key role, according to Variety.

Morbius Story via Den of Geeks:

Morbius, who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #101, dated October 1971, was an intriguing character during the twilight of the Silver Age of comics, arriving just after the Comics Code Authority lifted its ban on vampires and supernatural characters. He first tangled with Spider-Man during the famous storyline in which the Wall-Crawler grew four extra arms after a failed experiment to remove his spider powers.

Dr. Michael Morbius was a brilliant biochemist suffering from a rare blood disorder, who tried to cure himself with an experimental treatment involving vampire bats. While saving his life, it turned him into a pale-white, blood-craving creature with most of the attributes of a vampire (even a weakness to daylight), minus the undead aspect, existing as a “Living Vampire.”

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