The #SUPERFLY cast Plays Never Have I Ever

The #SUPERFLY cast Plays Never Have I Ever

Superfly is an instant hip-hop classic thanks to the direction and vision of Director X, Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, and Lex Scott Davis jumped on the opt.

Continue on to see what the cast of Superfly had to say about taking something home from the set…

The #SUPERFLY cast Plays Never Have I Ever has your first look at the #SUPERFLY cast as they played a fun game of “Never Have I Ever” at the Los Angeles junket.

In the new Superfly, the setting is Atlanta and the hip-hop scene of today. The film touches on the hunger to be the next king of the streets and what one will do to make it happen. Meanwhile, Preist (Trevor Jackson) is trying to find a way out before he ends up dead or behind bars.

This time around Superfly is reimagined with an updated script that keeps you engaged since the film is non-stop action from beginning to end. Yes, there are some very stylized scenes in this film like the movie Belly directed by Hype Williams back in the 90s. The only difference with Director X, is he makes sense of it and doesn’t overdo it too much in this film so it works well.

This past week the cast was in LA for the junket speaking with the press about Superfly and when asked to play Never Have I Ever, they jumped on the opt. – check out the funny answers Director X, Trevor, Jason Mitchell, and Lex Scott Davis gave.

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