Thanksgiving 2 In The Works

Thanksgiving 2 In The Works!

It was just announced by Eli Roth that “John Carver will kill again!” has just received word that the new horror suspence thriller Thanksgiving is getting a part 2, but sorry fans the sequel won’t be in theaters for 2 years. Yes, that means you have to wait until 2025.

Director Eli Roth announced in an Instagram post that the sequel was greenlit by Sony.

Roth wrote in the post:

Thank you everyone who supported ORIGINAL HORROR in theaters!!! Go see it now on the big screen while it’s in cinemas, sequel set for release in 2025! Taking a year to really get the script right, working on it starting today!


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Roth’s announcement means that Thanksgiving, which has accumulated around $29 million worldwide since its initial release, is well on its way to being a full-blown franchise. It began life as a fake trailer that Roth created for Quentine Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. The full film was in the works for more than a decade before finally arriving in 2023.

Thanksgiving 2 In The Works

We wrote of the finished release:

The good news is that it’s a reasonably fun, grossly funny throwback to the “dead teenager movie” heyday of the 1980s, just with a little modern tongue-in-cheek slickness of the Scream variety. Gore hounds, at the very least, won’t want to miss some of the gnarlier sequences, including a bit with an oven that’s about as memorably nasty as wide-release horror gets. That the director of Cabin Fever and Hostel made something this diverting has to be considered a holiday miracle.

Will Thanksgiving 2 be able to build on John Carver’s legacy when it arrives in 2025? That is the question. Will John Carver, be the next Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface, or even Freddy Krueger?