The Batman Begins Shooting Before End of 2019

The Batman Begins Shooting Before End of 2019

Before you get too excited this movie is still two years away, but time flies when you having fun.

The Batman is set to start filming, “sometime around year’s end,” according to director Matt Reeves. But will Ben Affleck be back at The Bat? That is the big question, not to mention Reeves inspiration and vision. Read on…

The Batman Begins Shooting Before End of 2019 reports that Matt Reeves has new inspiration which he is pulling from for The Batman.

Despite the pretty decent wait time for DC superhero movie, Matt Reeves has been getting his inspiration from “Thank God for the Rain’ from the Taxi Driver soundtrack. On an endless loop.”

The Batman Begins Shooting Before End of 2019

Taxi Driver‘s “Thank God for the Rain” is less than 2-minutes long, so can just imagine how many times he’s heard it. Even though a version of the script has been turned in, Reeves revealed that he is still working on it and trying to get it dialed in. When it come to Taxi Driver‘s character Travis Bickle played by Robert De Niro in the movie. It’s one of those tracks that one could easily listen to on loop and never grow tired of.

The reason why is easily explained by Total Film’s editor Matt Maytum about great characters in movies:

Great characters make great movies: it’s that simple. So it was about time we held another poll to find out who is considered the greatest movie character of all time. It was fascinating seeing which movie stars were as popular as ever, as well as the dominant new franchises that are shaping the film landscape, and the classic cinematic icons that are still revered and respected. We’re hoping that the list will inspire the same heated debated for our readers as we had in the office. Whoever your personal favourite is, there will be a cover for everyone.

Why Taxi Driver? Well over the course of the last few years, Reeves has said that he wants to make more of a detective piece about the Dark Knight and give fans a true noir experience. This sounds like a pretty great idea, but it’s really going to hinge on the actor that is ultimately chosen to take over for Ben Affleck.

Actors DC is looking at to replace Affleck as The Batman:

Here a few names being tossed around as The Batman/Bruce Wayne; Jack Reynor, Jack O’Connell, Nicholas Hoult, Alexander Ludwig, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are all reportedly on the studio’s wish list.

Our thoughts, Nicholas Hoult (The Favourite), or Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) are the best choices thus far, but some are saying, Robert Pattinson (Twilight)?