The Superfly Cast Talks Music, Fashion and Culture

The Superfly Cast Cast Talks Music, Fashion and Culture

If there is one movie to see this weekend we recommend checking out Superfly. The movie kick @ss, its nonstop action, music, fashion and drenched in hip-hop culture.

Read on to see what the cast of Superfly has to say about the soundtrack, the clothing and working with Director X….

The Superfly Cast Cast Talks Music, Fashion and Culture

Las Vegas, NV – April 23, 2018: Trevor Jackson, Lex Scott Davis and Jason Mitchell at the CinemaCon Photo Call for Columbia Pictures’ SUPERFLY at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. #Superfly saw Superfly and we can stop talking about how great the movie is.

Its been a long while since there has been a movie like Superfly that has a great story, incredible acting, stylish fashions and a bangin soundtrack.

Director X has outdone himself with Superfly, but don’t take our word, hear what the cast (Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, and Lex Scott Davis) and Director X has to say about being a part of an instant hip-hop classic.

Trevor Jackson on Superfly and the role of Priest:

Grown-ish star and R&B singer Trevor Jackson speaks on Future being the voice and sound of Atlanta these days. He also says the film succeeds because of Director X and the cast.

He adds that Atlanta is the New York of today along with the fashion, hair and more. He says that a big part of Priest is about his fashion and hair which plays in the movie. He talks about Director X cane which he says he tries to steel whenever he gets the chance. Its the same cane you can see in the posted.

Check it:

Jason Mitchell talks about the movie:

Jason Mitchell talks about trap music and Atlanta on how his music sets it off for the movie. He says that the original Superfly was nostalgic for him as a kid thanks to his father. The original film was based in Harlem, but these days it’s all about the new Hollywood South, Atlanta.

The 31-year-old talks about how Superfly is about loyalty, brotherhood and getting what you want. Check it:

Lex Scott Davis speaks on Future, The Fashion and Character Development:

Lex Scott Davis talks about the soundtrack by Future which she feels is perfect for the film since its based in Atlanta. Having one of the ATL’s biggest rapper on the scene is a great addition to the film.

Lex talks about the process of getting her character background together thanks to Director X who gave each of the cast members a packet with all aspects of each character.

She continues on about her fashion and her favorite look in the film which is seen at the beginning of the film with the red fur. She also says that she loved her red bodysuit that is a standout piece in the film.

Director X on the making of Superfly:

Director X says that he wanted this to be an original film and wanted this to be a standout of its own touching on the original by using the same characters. X wanted to do a remix of the OG film, and Atlanta is the best place these days since its a cultural melting pot for fashion and music.

Atlanta is the Harlem of today. Back in the 70s Harlem was the mecca for fashion, slang, style, and hip-hop culture, today the place to be in Atlanta. This is why he filmed Superfly in the A.

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