Toni Collette NEEDS a Break from Serious Films

Toni Collette NEEDS a Break from Serious Films

Sometimes we just NEED to SMILE and NOT Cry! The ‘Hereditary’actress, Toni Collette got sick of making ‘heavy’ movies. She NEEDS a break from the serious and wants to go back to fun movies!

Read on to see why Toni Collette has had enough with “serious”…

Toni Collette NEEDS a Break from Serious has the latest on Toni Collette, 45, who can be seen playing an increasingly-unhinged artist and mother in horror movie ‘Hereditary.’

Toni Collette admits that she knew straight away she ‘had’ to be a part of the project, though it wasn’t what she was looking for at the time it was offered.

She explains:

I was not looking to do a film like this. I had specifically said, ‘I’m sick of heavy, I don’t want to cry all the time at work anymore. I want to make some funny movies.

Collette adds:

My agent called and said, ‘I know what you said, but you need to read this.’ And he was right. I loved it. I mean, I don’t know if ‘love’ is the right word – it was more of a knowledge that I had to do it. It was so brilliantly written, so original. All actors really want is an opportunity to go for it, and I was given that opportunity in spades.

The film marks writer-director Ari Aster’s first stint behind the camera but Toni revealed to TIME magazine that was more beneficial to her work than a risk.

I often work with first-time directors, and I actually think it’s more beneficial than not. Ari was meticulously prepared – everything was so considered. But there still was a green quality to him, and I think that’s actually a beautiful thing because it means that they’re open.

Toni concludes by saying:

I think people respond to things that are original and fresh and that they can see themselves in. The types of films that are being made I think are too safe, and this film isn’t safe.

Take a look at the A24 film which is being compared to the Exorcist of today:

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