Top Gun Maverick Release Date Delayed

Top Gun Maverick Release Date Delayed

Top Gun Maverick Release Date Delayed!

As studios struggle to reschedule their summer blockbusters, the long awaited sequel, Top Gun Maverick is also being delayed. Read on… reports the coronavirus pandemic has forced a number of changes starting with theaters closing and movie delays.

Many films have also had to delay production asking all employees and consumers to remain home in quarantine.

James Bond: No Time to Die, The Walking Dead’s season 10 finale, and The Last of Us 2 are merely a handful of the projects currently pushed back due to the outbreak, with a number of these upcoming releases currently without new release dates.

Joining this long list of movies, it seems Top Gun Maverick, the sequel to the Tom Cruise lead 80s classic Top Gun, has been pushed back by a few months.

Confirmed by Cruise over Twitter, it appears the film will move back from its June 24 release date to the much later premiere of December 23.

Stay home and stay safe Maverick will be in flight in December.

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