TRON Reboot In Early Stages of Development

TRON Reboot In Early Stages of Development

TRON Reboot In Early Stages of Development!

The recent launch of Disney Plus has now given the Mouse House another platform to continue their quest for the total and utter domination of pop culture. Read on since a TRON Reboot In Early Stages of Development… has learned that the streaming service providing fans with access to thousands of hours of both new and classic content as the so-called ‘streaming wars’ which is beginning to heat up.

With content coming from Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Pixar and virtually the entire 20th Century Fox library at their disposal Disney will also be keen to create plenty of fresh content in order to constantly increase their subscriber count.

On the first day of its launch, it had over one million subscribers, us included.

Now, we have gotten word that the Mouse House was working on Aladdin sequel, which we now know to be true – say that Disney are in the early stages of developing yet another TRON reboot.

It’s unclear where it’ll wind up at the moment, but it seems possible that it could land on Disney Plus.

TRON is a cult favorite with Disney fans. Its sequel TRON: Legacy arrived 28 years later brought in made $400 million at the box office to pay the $170 million budget and huge marketing and promotional costs. That movie was supposed to have a sequel, but the third installment, TRON: Ascension, but it was put on ice after George Clooney’s Tomorrowland movie was an utter box office bomb.

The third TRON, TRON: Ascension was set to star Jared Leto. With talks of a third film or possible series, TRON fans have something to look towards. Now can Disney bring the TRON ride to California Adventure!


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