Warner Bros. Reportedly Distancing Itself from Snyderverse

Warner Bros. Reportedly Distancing Itself from Snyderverse aka Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’!

Is this coming as a shock to anyone??? The hate is real when it comes to Warner Bros. and Zach Snyder aka the Snyderverse…

CelebnMovies247.com reports that after Warner Bros. basically ruined Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ with Joss Whedon chopped and screwed version that made absolutely no sense, the studio has decided t make sure the Snyder’s cut sequel will NEVER happen!

New reports relate the recent canceling of Batgirl with Warner Bros. Discovery wanting to move further away from the SnyderVerse, the name used to define the DC Extended Universe movies made under the supervision of filmmaker Zack Snyder.

Collider reports:

Warner Bros. Discovery’s willingness to distance itself from the SnyderVerse might also help explain what led to Batgirl’s cancelation. While the first reports blamed bad reception on early screening tests, the company’s official statement cited a change of strategy, suggesting DC movies should be made only for theatrical release. Since then, we’ve also discovered that Batgirl would be used for a tax write-down, an unprecedented move in Hollywood history regarding a big IP production. Since Warner Bros. Discovery is so determined to erase Snyder’s version of Justice League from history, it would make sense if Batgirl’s cancelation was another step away from the SnyderVerse.

Siting that the only real DCU version of Justice League is in fact the chopped and screwed version by racist Joss Whedon.

Why Warner Bros. Discovery is Cutting ALL Ties to the Snyderverse:

Batgirl was expected to bring J.K. Simmons back as Commissioner James Gordon, a part he played in Snyder’s Justice League. Besides that, the movie would also star Michael Keaton as Batman, a role he hadn’t played for three decades since Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and 1992 Batman Returns. Keaton is also set to return to the same part in The Flash, which adapts the beloved comic book storyline Flashpoint and pays off a plot thread left open by Snyder since Justice League.

The Flash’s fate is also hanging in the air since the movie’s leading star, Ezra Miller, was arrested in Hawaii for public misconduct. So, Warner Bros. Discovery could also scrap it to clean the slate and get rid of any Snyder influence still in the DCEU. In addition, Keaton allegedly had a part to play in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and might have been replaced by Ben Affleck’s Batman, making it look like the DCEU is cutting all ties with storylines created inside the SnyderVerse.

Meanwhile, the studio continues to RUIN the DCEU with the following actions:

Warner Bros. Discovery keeps shelving movies and TV series while restructuring the company. the retooling of the DCEU continues to show that the studio has absolutely no idea where they are heading with their superhero franchise films. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Batman have all proven to stand alone and successes, but WBD shows they are still very green when it comes to direction. This falls on the person in charge of the DCEU films.

What are your thoughts about Warner Bros. distancing Itself from Snyderverse???