What Was That? Being Mary Jane Finale TOO RUSHED

What Was That? Being Mary Jane Finale TOO RUSHED

We watched the Being Mary Jane finale on BET tonight and we are so upset with how it ended.

BET you NEED help with your programming because that finale was RUSHED, RUSHED, RUSHED!!!

One thing we want to say is that we would have loved another season of Being Mary Jane because it was RUSHED! Oh yeah, did we say it was RUSHED?  It felt like BET producers squeeze a whole season of Being Mary Jane into two-hours and it wasn’t enough. Read on…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Gabrielle Union’s Being Mary Jane finale aired on BET tonight and it just put so much into the final episode of the series we felt robbed.

Not only that, we are really upset with Being Mary Jane and how she circled back with Justin after he walked out on her for over 9 months. Come on Mara Brock Akil, BMJ is such an excellent show, but instead, it was RUSHED? We have NEVER liked Justin with Mary Jane Paul. Once again Mary Jane finds herself in a love triangle after she makes another hasty decision to have her eggs incriminated to get pregnant.

The final episode kicks off with her dress for her wedding, but then we flashback to 2018 to recap what happened leading up to her wedding day. We don’t know who she marries until the end, but what was so disturbing is the wedding was a fast 6-minute montage. It was obvious this should have been a 4-part mini-series to wrap it all up, but we should be lucky to get a 2-hour finale.

Now we can go on and on about how we felt robbed, but don’t take it from us, lister to BET viewers who are just as upset as we are. Hey BET, start listening to your audience. And for the record canceling Being Mary Jane was a big mistake. You had a successful show and still could for another two or three years but you canceled it for 50 Cent? #SMH

Twitter has been sounding off on Being Mary Jane Finale:

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