What’s Up with Justice League 2

What's Up with Justice League 2

Since Justice League failed to grab DC fans like Warner Bros. planned the fate of the Justice League 2 has yet to be determined.

Recently, Zach Snyder’s plans for a Justice League trilogy was revealed and it sounded awesome. Read on…

What's Up with Justice League 2

CelebNMovies247.com has the latest talk on where Justice League 2 is NOT heading anymore.

If Warner Bros. stuck with Zach Snyder’s original Justice League 2 version and NOT the destroyed Joss Whedon version then DC fans would have seen the following.

Zach Synder’s plans for Justice League movies:

Kevin Smith says he was told that in Snyder’s version of Justice League, the film’s ending was similar to the one we see now. One major difference is this: as Steppenwolf zooms up the Boom Tube back to his home planet, defeated, Darkseid appears at the other end and glimpses the Justice League:

[The League] saw Darkseid, and Darkseid saw them. Boom tube closes, and that’s the end of the fucking movie. With them all knowing there’s something out there, and we have to go.

The next big change was the shot in the Justice League trailer of Jeremy Irons’ Alfred talking to an unknown person offscreen. It was meant to be Green Lantern’s arrival, not the re-emergence of Superman. This would have opened the doors for a sequel set off-Earth:

Justice League 2 was going cosmic as they take the fight to Apokolips … and the Lantern Corps was involved.

Making the franchise insanely cool was this next major difference at the end of Justice League 2, where the league would have been a defeated, referencing Empire Strikes Back and Infinity War, noting that Darkseid won. Then he’d go back to Earth to desecrate the world, forming the hellscape we glimpsed in Batman’s Knightmare in Batman v Superman. Making the film full circle tie into the first film. This would have led to the third and final film being a showdown with Darkseid.

Smith concluded to Collider saying:

That was going to be the entire third movie. The heroes’ last stand against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips — holy fuck!

What Direction is Justice League 2 Headed Now:

Instead of an incredible franchise and trilogy, we are now getting the Joss Whedon fiasco alternate version. With Ava DuVernay is working on her own New Gods movie, that would seem to take Darkseid off the table. Which will kill all of Snyder’s original planned trilogy? Whedon’s version could have possibly be saved, but with New Gods being made it kills the Darkseid version.

It is more likely that Justice League 2 will go more in this route since the
appearance of Lex Luthor and Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson in the post-credits scenes. It changed everything and indicates Warner Bros. would like to go with a “super-villain team-up” route aka the Legion of Doom.

When will Justice League 2 be released?

As for the release date of Justice League 2. Well, that seems to be the question since it has been pushed back a couples times already. It was originally scheduled for release on June 14, 2019, then it was pushed back to August 2, 2019, but now there is no date. It has been shelved and the studio is now focusing on solo movies like Cyborg, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman.

Justice League 2 may happen, but not without casualties, like a new Batman and a new Superman in the cape, according to DenofGeeks. It also means that a Green Lantern Corps movie might happen before another Justice League movie. #SMH

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