World War Z 2 Targets June Start Date

World War Z 2 Targets June Start Date

Producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner Announced that Brad Pitt and David Fincher are returning to film World War Z 2!

This is awesome news because fans will finally get the long-awaited sequel to World War Z. Read on for all the tea spilling… reports that World War Z hs finally got the green light since producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner announced the start date for filming.

World War Z 2 has been in development for a handful of years now. The zombie apocalypse movie has run into several delays many times.

However, the good news came when producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner asked the burning question while attending the premiere of Beautiful Boy.

While they couldn’t say much, Dede Gardner got the thing started by confidently stating that the movie will begin filming next summer.

Dede said:

We’re starting to shoot in June.

When asked about and details of the movie, Gardner said David Fincher is still on board and yes, Brad Pitt still intends to reprise his role from the first movie:

What more do you need to know? Brad Pitt is Gerry Lane. He’s back. David Fincher is directing.

As it stands WWZ2 has a full eight months where something could go wrong. But let’s cross our fingers that it goes as planned.

Dennis Kelly (Utopia) is currently penning the script which, according to Jeremy Kleiner, is still being worked on. They’ve got plenty of time to hammer it down if this timeline sticks. Given that the first World War Z had a ton of production troubles and ultimately needed massive reshoots.

Hopefully, this time around it runs smoothly.

We will keep you posted…

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