X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox Deal

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox Deal

In the wake for the Disney Fox deal, it appears that the X Men franchise films may suffer the most.

According to reports, it is already being said that Disney will more than likely cut more than half of the upcoming X Men movies that were already greenlit. Read on…

CelebNMovies247.com reports the following catastrophe that may make some X Men fans furious once they read the news on what Disney may be cutting.

It’s been noted by THR:

Unless Kevin Feige has a completed script waiting in his desk drawer, the newly arriving heroes from the Disney-Fox merger are unlikely to hit screens until at least 2021, if not later.

So far, Dark Phoenix will sill hit theaters in June, while the fate of Josh Boone’s New Mutants — rumored to be troubled — remains up in the air. It’s still slated for August 2, 2019, but it may not be heading to theaters. Instead it may go to streaming services. #BOO

We have reported on many X Men movies in the works over the past few years since 20th Century Fox was in charge, but now that appears to be changing.

With the new name 21st Century, Disney is already outlining their plans on which movies stay and which movies are being cut or shelved. According to the Hollywood Reporter, many of Fox’s X-Men-related projects that are now likely never to happen.

Disney Makes cuts to X Men Franchise since the takeover, and we doubt you will be happy:

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox DealGambit:

First up, and perhaps most painfully for anyone named Channing Tatum is Gambit. This one has been in the works for a long time. Tutum essentially willed it into being, given his desire to play the card-throwing, fan-favorite Cajun mutant. Tatum has tried desperately to get this one going, but the budget became an issue.

The project has been a revolving door when it comes to directors jumping on and then jumping off the project. Here are three filmmakers who started and stopped working on the Tatum mutant movie including Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) and Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Gambit is still slated on IMDB, but like we said that is all changing thanks to Disney taking over. Maybe the Cajun can find a spot somewhere in the MCU.

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox Deal

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Kick-Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow was working on a version of this hyper-violent X-Men spinoff (well, in comic books, at least; Deadpool put paid to that, to some degree, in movies) in 2013 alongside Mark Millar, but that ran aground; four years later, Drew Goddard was developing a separate take that would spin out of Deadpool 2, which he would write and direct. On the plus side, if Deadpool manages to survive the transition from Foxverse to MCU, perhaps X-Force could, as well. we hope it does since Mister Sinister was confirmed as the Villain. X-Force is a HUGE deal and should NOT be cut.

Goddard revealed in October:

The thing that was exciting about X-Force, in particular, was the fringe element of what X-Force was to the X-Men. I still feel like there is real opportunity to explore that. What Deadpool is to the superhero movie, X-Force can be to the team superhero movie.

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox DealLaura aka X 23:

In the wake of the critical success of 2017’s Logan, writer-director James Mangold told THR that he was working on a screenplay for a solo movie centered on Laura, Dafne Keen’s scene-stealing supporting character.

Such a plan followed comic book mythology in which Laura took over as Wolverine following Logan’s temporary death, but with the prospect of a reboot for the entire franchise in the works, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing an All-New Wolverine on the big screen anytime soon.

We are hoping that this film makes the cut, or ends up in an MCU film in the near future. It appears Marvel and Disney will be making some tough decisions.

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox Deal

Multiple Man:

In what was one of the least anticipated moves in X-Men movie history, in 2017 it emerged that James Franco was in talks to play Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man. You first saw Multiple Man in X Men The Last Stand in 2006.

Fox was going to give this short-lived character his own movie since there was Deadpool style potential with sarcasm, raunchy one-liners, and a hopeful R Rating, but it seems the Mouse is trying to AXE the R Rated X Men films that are so great. This is where we worry that Disney may RUIN the X Men franchise. They NEED to let the heads who still control these movies in charge. Simon Kinsberg are you still there man? Do something about this!

Maybe recasting Franco would give the studio more interest. They need to find someone like Ryan Reynolds to helm the character.

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox Deal143 aka Kitty Pryde:

In early 2018, it was reported that Deadpool’s Tim Miller and comic veteran Brian Michael Bendis were collaborating on a solo movie based around Kitty Pryde, a beloved longtime member of the central X-Men team. Kitty had appeared in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, played both times by Ellen Page, although it was unclear whether or not the solo movie would follow that incarnation of the character.

The fate of Kitty is yet to be determined, but these are the ones Disney is looking to possibly cut now since they have control.

X Men Franchise Cuts Following Disney Fox DealDoctor Doom:

There is one last project, the Noah Hawley Doctor Doom movie. So why not put that one on the list. Well, apparently, Kevin Feige inquired about the project when speaking with Hawley. So maybe, just maybe, that one could see the light of day. But still, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it didn’t. The only certainty at this point is that the X-Men and Fantastic Four will join their fellow Marvel friends (or enemies) over in the MCU.

Of course, longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg has even referred to spinoff teams like Alpha Flight and the Exiles as potential future projects that might have been in development without it becoming public knowledge.

This may have to do with Marvel wanting to crossover the X Men into the MCU, but this gives them more ops to do so and maybe use these characters. We will see. We know that some of these projects were anticipated by fans and now Disney has cut them.

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