Amy Adams’ ‘The Woman in the Window’ Heading to Netflix

Amy Adams' 'The Woman in the Window' Heading to Netflix

Amy Adams’ ‘The Woman in the Window’ Heading to Netflix!

The highly anticipated movie ‘The Woman in the Window’ will arrive on Netflix “in the first half of the year”. Read on for more on Amy Adams’ ‘The Woman in the Window‘ heading to Netflix… reports that the much-delayed thriller had been set to be released by Disney is heading to Netflix and will no longer undergo a cinematic release amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the motion picture is due out on the service in the coming months.


Amy is set to play the role of Dr. Anna Fox in the film, who hides away in her New York home, where she drinks excessively and spends time spying on her neighbors.

After observing the close bond between the family who moves in next door, she longs for a reunion with her own loved ones.

However, things take a turn when she witnesses an act of violence.

‘The Woman in the Window’ delays faced as a result of the global health crisis, Director JOE WRIGHT has revealed they had to reshoot some scenes because during test screenings some viewers found the story too complex at times.

The filmmaker explained to the publication:

There were some plot points that people found a bit confusing — I would say possibly too opaque maybe. So we had to go back and clarify certain points, but I think also we tried to make sure we didn’t oversimplify anything and make things too clear. There’s an enjoyment in not knowing what’s going on, but at the same time, you have to give the audience something to hold on to — you have to lead them through the labyrinth of mystery and fear.

Basically, it made moviegoers think and it was too much.

The cast also features Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Anthony Mackie and Tracy Letts (who also wrote the script for the project).