Black Panther BREAKS Saudi Arabian 35 Year BAN

Black Panther BREAKS Saudi Arabian 35 Year BAN

In case you didn’t know, Black Panther will be the first film shown publicly in Saudi Arabia! It’s been 35 years since a movie was shown publicly in Saudi Arabia.

Read on to get all the tea spilling on Black Panther, who just sunk Titanic in the box office…

Black Panther BREAKS Saudi Arabian 35 Year BAN

Photo: Matt Kennedy..©Marvel Studios 2018 has the latest on Marvels’ Black Panther which continues to break records in the box office and more.

The Ryan Coogler directed Marvel movie is becoming one of the biggest movies of all time. Black Panther is now the third biggest grossing movie in history, knocking Titanic into another iceberg. – (Forbes)

Now that Black Panther is the third largest grossing film in history, it’s getting a chance to do the same in Saudi Arabia. The Chadwick Boseman film to be publicly released there in 35 years.

A spokesman for Italia film, Disney’s Middle East distribution partner, confirmed that Black Panther will be released in Saudi Arabia on April 18, and will also get a gala premiere in a new AMC-branded cinema in Riyadh.- (Variety)

The movie is the first film to be released in the kingdom since cinemas were banned in the 1980s, after it had been decreed that movie theaters would corrupt the morals of Saudi citizens.

The ban was lifted in December 2017, with the country’s culture minister, Awwad Alawwad, announcing that Saudi Arabia will allow cinemas to open in 2018.

Alawwad released this statement on the decision to lift the ban:

The culture minister announced it was made in a bid to aid “the development of the cultural economy in the kingdom” and encourage “e conomic growth.”

He added:

By developing the broader cultural sector we will create new employment and training opportunities, as well as enriching the kingdom’s entertainment options.