Zoe Saldana CHECKS Industry Superhero Haters

Zoe Saldana CLAPS BACK at Industry Superhero Haters

While most of moviegoers are head over heels to see their favorite stars as one of their favorite Marvel superhero, there are some actors who refuse to join the gladiator comic strip superheroes ranks.

In fact some of these “elitist” or “A-List” actors feel taking on a Marvel or DC superhero character is like selling out to Hollywood. Well, actress Zoe Saldana has something to say about those “people” who look down at superhero actors. Read on to get the tea spilling…

Zoe Saldana CLAPS BACK at Industry Superhero HatersCelebNMovies247.com has the latest from Zoe Saldana who is reading some of Hollywood’s “elitists” who are hating on actors who take on superhero rolls.

We guess that taking on a character who is beloved by millions, guarantees 1 or more movies and security as an actor is a bad thing. Isn’t this some of the same BS we heard when Jurassic Park came out and Hollywood “elitists” dissed the actors for being in a movie that had actors taking a seat for Dinosaurs taking center stage?

Now, that Superhero movies have become the dominate force for moviegoers, basic movies, sappy romance comedies and dramas are becoming a thing of the past unless you’re in a Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Dwayne Jonson, John Cena, or Melissa McCarthy movie. Could it be that moviegoers are tired of the same old thing, so they’ve gravitated to movies that are like Marvel and DC comics because they all link together telling one huge story in multiple movies?

Zoe, is part of multiple franchises like Star Trek, Avatar, and Gaurdians of the Galaxy, but some Oscar celebs feel superhero movie stars are “sell outs” since their movies aren’t about great acting. We disagree, because Lupita Nyong’o is an Oscar winner, and she’s part of Black Panther. Forrest Whitker, Cate Blanchett, Angela Bassett, Marisa Tomei, Diane Lane, Lawrence Fishburne and other actors are part of the MCU, so Hollywood “elitists” sound more like bitter Betty’s because their not getting a chance to join.

The answer is yes, and now Zoe Saldana who play Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is sounding off to Net-A-Porter.

Zoe Saldana reveals:

I’ve been in rooms with people in this industry who are great at what they do, but they’re absolutely elitist and they look down at movies like the Marvel films or actors like myself. They think we’re selling out in some way. Every time they speak I feel so disappointed in them, because whenever you see pictures of people in this industry who donate their time to children in need, it’s these actors that live in the world that you feel is selling out. It’s these actors that understand the role that they play inspires a five-year-old who has one dying wish to meet a superhero. That actor takes time out of their life and sits down with that five-year-old and says, ‘I see you, I hear you, and you matter.’

Saldana checks the elitists of Hollywood by stating:

Those elitists should be a little more cognizant about what playing a superhero means to a young child. Because you’re not just dissing me, you’re dissing what that child considers important in their world. I feel so proud to be living in space, to be playing green and blue aliens, to inspire, primarily, the younger generations. I remember what it was like to be young and to feel completely excluded out of the mainstream conversation of life because I was just little and unimportant and ‘other’.

She adds:

I work with filmmakers who gravitated to this genre because they were exiles in their own right, excluded from a mainstream conversation. They found their world and they were able to imagine the unimaginable. Everything about how they create, and how they invite characters to join them, is absolutely inclusive.

We all know that if those “elitists” were given the right role and opportunity they’d say yes. Hollywood is filled with insecure hypocrites.