Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

Peoples-Champ-leader just got word that Warner Bros. may include a directors cut of Justice League on Blu-Ray/DVD.

In addition, the Freddie Mercury biopic has found an new director since 20th Century Fox fired Brian Singer after he left for a family emergency. Then, the original director want The Crow remake with Jason Moama shut down. Read on and find out the tea…

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

According to the rumor mill, Warner Bros is hearing the complaints about Justice League and are considering a Joss Whedon Extended cut of Justice League!

According to a Bleeding Cool who broke the news first, rumors are originating from Mario F. Robles, a self-proclaimed “freelance writer and scooper for places like @IGN & @TheSplashReport,” Warner Bros is considering producing a Joss Whedon extended cut of Justice League for the home video release, just as the second petition demands.

Mario posted this on Twitter:

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

What’s going on with the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic film, Bohemian Rhapsody?

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

This week it was announced that Brian Singer was fired as director after not reporting to set, and left the film in need of a replacement. It was reported that Singer had a family emergency and left
without notice. He dropped everything for one of his parents.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Singer was denying he acted unprofessionally. Brian claimed the studio refused to allow him to tend to “a gravely ill parent” as well as to his own health.

Brian Singer said in a statement:

“I wanted nothing more than to be able to finish this project and help honor the legacy of Freddie Mercury and Queen. But Fox would not permit me to do so because I needed to temporarily put my health, and the health of my loved ones, first.”

In entertainment that means nothing, it’s about making movies, and that is the sad part of entertainment.

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

Photo: Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

20th Century Fox told The Hollywood Reporter Monday in a statement:

“Bryan Singer is no longer the director of Bohemian Rhapsody.”

20th Century Fox claims that the decision reflected an escalating clash between Singer and actor Rami Malek, which was caused by the director missing from his chair, necessitating the Dec. 1 production shutdown of the film.

Did Singer clash with the stars of the film?

It’s also been said that Malek complained to the studio, charging Singer with not being present on set, unreliability and unprofessionalism. And that Tom Hollander, who plays Queen manager Jim Beach, also is said to have briefly quit the film because of Singer’s behavior.

Word just came down from Variety that director Dexter Fletcher (Eddie The Eagle, Wild Bill) is coming on board to finish the film. It was said that the movie was set to wrap right before the Christmas holiday.

We hope all is well with Singer’s family.

BITES: Justice League Gets Extended Cut, Queen Biopic Replaces Singer, Alex Proyas Against Crow Remake

The original director of The Crow wants The Crow Remake SHUT DOWN!

Original director Alex Proyas, of the 1994 adaptation of The Crow, doesn’t think Crow remake should happen. He took to social media to deliver an impassioned plea about why he thinks this Crow reboot should be shut down. We couldn’t agree more. Proyas makes it clear that The Crow is still Brandon Lee’s movie.

Alex Proyas revealed his thoughts on why a Crow remake should NOT be made:

“I was privileged to know Brandon Lee, he was a young, immensely gifted actor with a great sense of humor and a bright future ahead of him. I was also privileged to have been able to call him a friend. Our working relationship as actor/director went beyond mere collaboration. We crafted a movie together which has touched many people. I did not take a “film by” credit on THE CROW. I wanted it to be Brandon’s movie, because it was, and because he would not be able to make any more movies. He brought all his passion to the movie and it has lasted as his legacy. It is a film I know he would have been proud of.”

He goes on to explain why The Crow remake should NOT be made:

“I finished the film for Brandon, struggling through grief, along with the hugely supportive cast & crew who all loved Brandon, to complete it in his absence. We were imbued with the strength of Brandon’s spirit and his inspiration. Not only Brandon’s wonderful work as an actor and a film-maker, but as a man, who’s humanity had touched us. The Crow would not be a movie worth “remaking” if it wasn’t for Brandon Lee. If it wasn’t for Brandon you may never have even heard of this poignant little underground comic. It is Brandon’s movie. I believe it is a special case where Hollywood should just let it remain a testament to a man’s immense talent and ultimate sacrifice, and not have others re-write that story or add to it. I know sequels were made, and TV shows, and what have you, but the notion of “rebooting” this story, and the original character, a character Brandon gave life to at too high a cost, seems wrong to me. Please let this remain Brandon’s film.”

Why we feel Proyas is making a good point:

The Crow remake has hit a bunch of road blocks and hurdles to jump, but that should be a sign to leave it alone. Most recently, Jason Momoa announced he was on board to take on the role of Eric Draven, under the direction of Corin Hardy. We feel that maybe Momoa should stay clear of this film, we don’t want history to repeat itself. Just like Brandon, Jason’s career is starting to take off.

Brandon Lee was killed in a freak accident on the set of The Crow. We don’t want to hear anything like that again during filming of the remake. Poor Alex Proyas was forced to finish the film by using digital composites of the late actor. It’s something he’s never forgotten.

Bottom line a Crow Remake is WRONG Hollywood!

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