Daisy Ridley Has ”Grown More Confident’ Since Playing Rey

Daisy Ridley Has ”Grown More Confident’ Since Playing Rey!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actress has grown alongside her character Rey the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. Read on as Daisy Ridley says she has grown more confident…

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker London Premiere

Daisy Ridley

CelebNMovies247.com reports that the 27-year-old actress Daisy Ridley said both she and Rey have “grown” since they first appeared on screen in 2015.

Speaking about her character’s development at the European premiere for the movie in London Daisy Ridley explains:

I think she’s grown more confident, probably as I’ve grown more confident. A lot of the journey is about her finding where she fits, and I think in this film she figures it out. And there’s always been that thing of, she’s searching for something she thinks she needs to know, but she’s always had what she needs right next to her in the form of Finn and Poe and the beautiful resistance.

She goes on to say:

Before I watched the film, I felt satisfied. Because I think it’s so rare, so people say, to do so much emotional stuff and so much physical stuff, and be able to really do it and be surrounded by amazing people who make you feel safe and like you can do the physical stuff and do the emotional stuff. So I was satisfied before I even saw it, and now watching I’m like, ‘Yeah, alright! Yeah!’

When asked what legacy she would like Rey to leave, Daisy, who was “satisfied” with the movie before seeing it, said:

I think being part of a group of people who against all the odds is fighting the good fight to triumph over evil.

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