DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 – 2022

Black Adam Villain in Upcoming Shazam! 3

The DCEU has been pretty tight lipped about their movies and how each film will drop since non of the are connected like the Marvel Universe.

Recently a source has a possible DCEU list 2019 – 2022 for their upcoming films for starting with Shazam! on April 4th, 2019. Read on to get the latest tea spill…

CelebNMovies247.com has the possible DCEU Movie Release Update 2019 to 2022.

Kicking things off for the DC Universe Movie Release Update is Shazam! which is already talking about Black Adam being the villain in part 3.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Shazam! follows Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old who can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by shouting out one word. His newfound powers soon get put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Next is, Joker that centers around the origin of Arthur Fleck who becomes a criminal mastermind known as the Joker. The movie is about a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and becomes a psychopathic murderer. It is set to hit theaters on October 4th, 2019.

DCEU Movie Releases 2020:

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Follows DC fan fav Harley Quinn. the film follows Harley Quinn, Huntress and Black Canary battle crime kingpin Black Mask in Gotham City. BOP hits the big screen on February 7, 2020.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Cyborg – Currently the superhero is set to see his solo action movie
in theaters on April 3, 2020. We previously reported that the film is being penned by George Pérez (comic book), and Marv Wolfman (comic book). We also reported that after several pushbacks changeups ups the Cyborg movie is said to be on target for a 2020 release date. We will see…

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Wonder Woman 1984 is the follow up to Wonder Woman. This time Wonder Woman squares off against the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility. WW1984 hits theaters on June 5th, 2020.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

The Flash – The movie is currently in writing process but there seems to be drama. Ezra Miller is taking “creative differences” to a whole new level with his latest move to pen the script to The Flash himself in an attempt to steer the character toward his “darker” vision. The Hollywood Reporter has the news on the behind-the-scenes clashes between star and director on The Flash in a report that finds Warner Bros. in the middle of two competing creative visions. One that could determine whether Miller stays on as the star of The Flash.

DC Movies 2021:

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

The Suicide Squad – Before any of Harley Quinn’s spin-off films kick-off, it would only make sense to reintroduce Harley in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. The long-awaited sequel, now reboot, has Idris Elba replacing Will Smith as Deadshot. It’s also a rumored introduction of Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson). Currently, James Gunn is working on Suicide Squad 2 recasting and prepping for filming. The movie is set to hit theaters August 2, 2021, so expect promo posters to surface near the end of 2020.

With the news of James Gunn rebooting Suicide Squad it changes a lot of things. Meaning Jared Leto’s Joker solo movie has been shelved since Martin Scorcesse’s Joker movie is releasing in 2019. Not to mention, but the Joker/& Harley Quinn movie is apparently waiting on a greenlight from Warner Bros. – The Joker & Harley Quinn film had Glenn Ficarra and John Requa attached to write and direct. They revealed last fall that the script was done. It appears that Warner Bros. has yet to call, according to ScreenRant.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

The Batman – We reported earlier this week that it was revealed that The Batman will start filming late 2019. Director Matt Reeves revealed that the Bat is set to start filming, “sometime around year’s end,” But will Ben Affleck be back at The Bat? That is the big question. The Batman is slated for a June 25, 2021 release.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson will finally be stepping into his anti-hero role in the future. Penning the Shazam! spin-off movie is C.C. Beck (comic book & character), Otto Binder. With no official date for Black Adams solo movie, its already been said he will be the main villain in Shazam! 3, so we might be waiting a while for this movie since Johnson was slated to film.

Here is the latest news on Black Adam:

Geeks Worldwide report that Black Adam will draw mainly from 2007’s Black Adam: The Dark Age, a new 52 comic book miniseries focused on the character. The six-issue Black Adam story arc was written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Alex Ross, Doug Mahnke, Rodney Ramos and Christian Alamy. The comic saw Teth-Adam stripped of the powers granted to him by the gods.

In addition to the news of the script, written by Adam Sztykiel has also included Hawkman, which is an intro to another spin-off movie in the DCEU.

Black Adam will not be in theater until 2021 to be safe.

DCEU Movie Release 2022:

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Deathstroke – Which star Joe is rumored to have director Gareth Evans (The Raid) in the driver’s seat. The movie is currently being penned by George Pérez (characters), Marv Wolfman (characters). Director Gareth Evans is apparently booked solid until 2020, so if this film starts filming in 2020 we can expect it in early 2022.

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DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Gothem City Sirens – Following three of Gotham City’s most notorious female criminals on one of their most dangerous missions yet. Harley Quinn and her villainous girlfriends are in another movie directed by David Ayer.

We previously reported that Gotham City Sirens follows three of Gotham City’s most notorious female criminals on one of their most dangerous missions yet. One year ago, news broke that DC and Warner Bros were developing an adaptation of Paul Dini’s limited run comic as the next appearance for Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The project was tipped to introduce two other iconic Batman Family anti-heroines, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, in a storyline that would potentially pit them against Gotham City crime boss Black Mask. With Wonder Woman 1984 releasing June 2020, that means this film has been pushed back. And with no news of a production start date, we would say this is now coming sometime in 2022. We are guessing this film would be a perfect April or August release.

With Gotham City Sirens back in production, MovieWeb reported earlier this year that the DC Universe has cancelled Deadshot since Will Smith is not returning in The Suicide Squad. This leaves things open for now to see if they will return to it after Idris Elba’s performance is seen in the reboot. As for, Lobo, The Splash Report writer Mario F. Robles, recently revealed that Lobo has also been canceled.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Aquaman 2 – Warner Bros and DC were said to be developing a sequel soon after Aquaman’s release, but it took until February 2019 for it to be officially confirmed. The original movie’s co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has been hired to write the sequel’s script.

Digital Spy spilled the tea that James Wan is returning as producer alongside Peter Safran, although we don’t yet know if he’ll direct as well. Warner Bros has confirmed that the sequel will swim into cinemas on December 16, 2022, four years after the first movie was released.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Nightwing – Director Chris McKay is currently writing the script is Bill Dubuque (screenplay by), George Pérez (Nightwing created by). The movie has been hush-hush since it was announced, but McKay assures the Nightwing film is still a possibility. He said in October:

No. You’re going to have to wait tho. Keep hope alive. To paraphrase Dick Grayson: Nightwing lives. Always.

Nightwing, of course, is Dick Grayson, the former circus performer whose parents were murdered when he was a child. Grayson quickly became the first Robin, Batman’s longtime sidekick, and the leader of the Teen Titans. (Brenton Thwaites is currently playing him in the live-action Titans series on DC’s streaming service, DC Universe). But as the character aged out of the Robin mantle, he moved away from Gotham City to the nearby town of Blüdhaven, out from under Batman’s wing, and took on the new superhero persona of Nightwing. – Slash Films

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Hawkman – Here is what we have learned via We Got This Covered who can confirm that as has been rumored a few times now, WB is definitely developing a Hawkman movie and apparently, are eyeing a Muslim actor (who wasn’t named), between the age of 30-39, for the lead role. Furthermore, it’s said that Hawkgirl will feature as well, though no details on who may play her were disclosed.

Given that there was speculation at one point that the duo might appear in Justice League, along with those aforementioned rumors of such a project happening, it’s not exactly surprising to learn of Warner Bros.’ plans for a Hawkman movie, but it’s nice to finally have some firm confirmation on the matter. And with the character set to first show up in the Black Adam film, we might just hear of some casting sooner rather than later, since the Dwayne Johnson-led pic is set to go into production in late 2019/early 2020.

If this film is in the works it is safe to say that it is set for sometime in 2022.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Justice League Dark – Plot details are being kept under wraps. The film is considered to center on a dark ‘Justice League’ team that consists of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon. The movie is being penned by Gerard Johnstone (screenplay), Jack Kirby (character: Jason Blood/Etrigan). We would bet this is not happening until late 2022.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Bat Girl – the movie is based upon the popular DC character, Barbara Gordon dons the guise of Batgirl to fight crime. Currently, there is no director on board since Joss Whedon lef the project. However, the studio wants a female director to fill the seat since it works so well with Wonder Woman. Basically, it’s about a director who has passion and complete understanding of the character. That is what makes superhero films great.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Booster Gold – He is a superhero from the 25th century and traveled back to the 20th century to become rich and famous. Currently, Greg Berlanti is directing and penning the movie is Dan Jurgens (comic book), Zack Stentz.

The movies follows Booster Gold, a football player from Gotham in the 25th century. After betting on his own football games, he was not permitted to play football. To make money he got a job at a museum in Gotham. while working he found rip hunter’s time machine, legion flight ring, force field, and his costume. He used his gear to fight crime in the 20th century and also become rich and famous

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

Metal Men – Based on a DC Comics hero created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru in 1962, “Metal” revolves around a brilliant scientist, William Magnus, and his creations: six highly advanced robots who have powers associated with their respective metals — gold, iron, lead, tin, mercury and platinum. Instead of having to be programmed, the Metal Men can think for themselves, which is both their genius and their biggest flaw.

DCEU Movie Releases Update: 2019 - 2022

The Trench (Aquman Spin-off) – reports reveal that Warner Bros has hired newcomers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to write the spin-off and if everything goes smoothly and the studio likes what it sees, then the movie could go into production at some point next year for a possible 2021 release.

Aquaman director James Wan will be producing the spin-off, along with Peter Safran, but don’t expect to see Jason Momoa make a cameo as Aquaman. The Hollywood Reporter adds that none of the main cast of Aquaman will be appearing in the spin-off.

DCU TV Series 2019:

Pennyworth – is a 10 episode TV series that follows the story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces officer living in London and working for Bruce Wayne’s father. The series stars Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Ben Aldridge, Jack Bannon and more…

Stargirl – Teenager Courtney Whitmore joins the Justice Society of America. Based on the character from DC Comics set for 2019. The TV series will be directed by Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns. The series stars Christopher James Baker, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson and more…

Metropolis – follows Lois Lane and Lex Luthor as they investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets. Airing exclusively on DC’s upcoming digital service, it promises to show us a wondrous and awe-inspiring City of Tomorrow, before the emergence of Superman, and establish much of the Man of Steel’s world leading up to his arrival.

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