How Neo And Trinity Return In The Matrix 4

How Neo And Trinity Return In The Matrix 4

Are you ready to “take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes?”

Well, now that the news of The Matrix 4 is in production and will be released on May 21. 2021. Read on… reports that expectations are extremely-high for The Matrix 4 to deliver a modern re-interpretation of the Man Vs. Machine theme that the series is so renowned for.

The Matrix took movie fans by storm with its dystopian sci-fi classic and it went on to become one of the most influential action films of all-time.

With that said, the stakes are high for the fourth installment. How will they achieve greatness? How will they outdo the original trilogy? How will Neo and Trinity return to the Matrix after they were inserted back in?

Is there another war coming? Did the truce NOT last? How long has it been since the original three in the movie? We know its been 20 years since the first and 16 years since the final installment. By the time the movie is released, it will be 22 years.

WGTC has some tantalizing intel as to how Neo and Trinity will return in The Matrix 4.

Here is what they are sharing:

As you may or may not remember, Neo and Trinity both died at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. However, according to our sources, The Matrix 4 will reveal that their brains were uploaded into the Matrix before their death so they’re able to live on in there. Apparently, Neo uploaded their brains before they died as a backup in case anything happened and when we see them again, they’ll be stuck in the Matrix and looking a lot older.

Theoretically, the upload would’ve probably occurred a little before Neo’s final showdown against the legions of corrupted Agent Smiths, where he ultimately sacrifices himself by allowing Agent Smith to corrupt him.


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