Young Green Lantern John Stewart Casting + Our Shortlist is

Young Green Lantern John Stewart Casting + Our Shortlist is

It’s being RUMORED that Warner Bros. has already started their casting search for the young Green Lantern John Stewart, and sorry, Tyreese Gibson is NOT in the running.

Read on to get the latest tea spilling on the upcoming Green Lantern Corp movie

Young Green Lantern John Stewart Casting + Our Shortlist is truly excited about this film because our favorite Green Lantern is John Stewart, so we can’t wait to learn who is on the shortlist.

What is so cool about the upcoming DCU movie Green Lantern Corps is that it’s made up of thousands of ringslingers policing the cosmos. Plus, the studio is looking to cast a young Green Lantern for the John Stewart character.

This means there will be more characters to love and follow in the upcoming movie, as long as it’s done right this time. Please WB doesn’t hire a director who doesn’t get the material, and please don’t edit it down for timing.

Comic book superhero lovers have proven the uncut versions are always the best.

Moving back to Green Lantern, there are many holders of the ring from the earth like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. However, Hal, John, and Kyle are the more famous Lanterns most fans are familiar with. These days, the currently ongoing Green Lanterns series centers on Simon and Jessica, which likely had a large influence on the rumor suggesting they be the ones headlining the next movie.

That is is only a rumor because a few years back it was stated that Hal and John will land the gig, as both tend to be the most widely known members of the Corps. It only makes sense to start from the beginning and if the Lantern films progress to three, Simon and Jessica can show up in the third installment.

WGTC reports:

While many fans would expect for John Stewart to be played by a more seasoned actor like, say, Sterling K. Brown, but a certain tipster says otherwise. You see, Daniel R has again taken to Twitter, this time saying that Warner Bros. is on the hunt for a younger actor, “Late 20s to early 30s,” to be more specific.

If this chatter regarding Green Lantern Corps proves true, it’s within reason the studio go in this direction. After all, if they’re looking to craft an ongoing film franchise, then it makes sense to cast someone who can grow with the series.

Young Green Lantern John Stewart Casting + Our Shortlist is

Warner Bros. if you’re listening, we want you to cast Trevante Rhodes as John Stewart he is perfect, talented, in shape and only 28-years-old. Plus, Trevante looks like a young John Stewart. He is known enough to where the studio can make him a HUGE star like Chris Hemsworth.

Here are some photos of Trevante Rhodes to help you out:

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