Zoe Kravitz Eager To Resume Filming The Batman

Zoe Kravitz Eager To Resume Filming The Batman

Zoe Kravitz Eager To Resume Filming The Batman!

Hollywood is currently still on lockdown, but many celebs are anxious to get back to work and projects. Which leads us to Zoe Kravitz, who will be essaying the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Read on to see why Zoe is anxious to start filming The Batman…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Zoe Kravitz can’t wait to get back to working on Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

While professionals within the industry understand the importance of lying low for the time being, it hasn’t stopped actress Zoe Kravitz from expressing her feelings about getting back to work.

She recently revealed just how badly she is itching to get back to work.

Zoe Kravitz said:

[I’m] hoping to wake up every day to an email or a phone call saying, ‘We’re ready to go. I’m in touch with everybody, and everyone’s ready to go when it’s safe.

Unfortunately, the actress then goes on to state that she and the people on the production team she is in touch with have no idea when shooting can restart.

Zoe Kravitz also explained that the nature of the role was such that going back to work would mean giving strangers permission to touch her face all day long, which medical experts are strongly advising against in the current state of emergency.

She went on to say:

You have people just touching your face, touching your body all day long. I need help getting into the catsuit. I can’t do it on my own. I was probably touched more than any job, just because of the clothes and the combat and all of that.

The Batman is a highly anticipated blockbuster which promises to take a deeper look at the earlier career of Batman.

As of now, no films will be heading back into production anytime soon.

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