James Gunn Reveals 2 More DCU Projects In Production In 2024

James Gunn Reveals 2 More DCU Projects In Production In 2024

James Gunn Reveals 2 More DCU Projects In Production In 2024!

Find out which DCU projects that will begin filming in 2024 out side of the already filming Superman: Legacy film…

CelebnMovies247.com has learned that James Gunn has revealed that more DC Universe projects will begin filming in 2024 besides Superman: Legacy. Previously, Gunn revealed that the upcoming Superman: Legacy would start filming this March.

While the movie was the only announced live-action DCU project to enter production this year — with episodes of the Creature Commandos animated series getting finished for a late 2024 release — it seems like more announced DC movies and series could do the same.

On Threads, Gunn said that “at least two more [DCU] projects are gearing up to go in the next couple months.”

James Gunn Reveals 2 More DCU Projects In Production In 2024

Gunn celebrated the 1-year mark of the announcement of the DCU Chapter One slate, teasing what is coming from the universe in the future. While Gunn did not outright say what other DCU projects are gearing up to start filming in 2024, his tease that “Some things have shifted around” and that the DCU creatives had “some great scripts take [them] by surprise” could point to a few possibilities.

Superman: Legacy begins filming in March. The movie will reportedly include Milly Alcock’s Supergirl before her solo Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie. Gunn’s mention that the DCU team has received great scripts that made projects shift around could be referring to the film. Ana Nogueira has been attached to write Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow for some time. With both a writer and its lead star, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow sounds like a lock to be one of the other DCU projects to start filming in 2024.

What DCU Projects Could Start Filming In 2024?

While Gunn is very busy in 2024 — he is the director of Superman: Legacy and is directly involved with the DCU’s first project, Creature Commandos — the DCU creative chief could be at the helm of another DCU project that will shoot this year. While initially thought to be a ways out, Gunn recently teased that Peacemaker season 2’s filming could be coming soon. As the director’s last update about the series revealed he was already writing the season finale, Gunn could go straight to Peacemaker after finishing filming Superman: Legacy.

Finally, another DCU project was reported to be released in 2024. Viola Davis will reprise her DCEU role as Amanda Waller in the new DCU. The character will get her own series on Max, Waller, which was said to be one of the two DCU projects to release this year. In order to make a late 2024 release like Creature Commandos, Waller would need to go into production as fast as possible.

However, with Gunn saying projects have shifted around, it remains to be seen if the DCU will surprise fans this year.

Do you feel that Gunn will be able to pull it off and bring the DCU up to par, since it’s only films that have done well are Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the two franchises that he has ended after only two films each?