Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release Dates

What is on the table now that Avengers: Endgame has fulfilled the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We were forced to say goodbye to more than a hew Avengers in the MCU as their time is over. Which asks the question what’s next? Where will the MCU go and what does Kevin Feige have in store for us?  Read on to learn which sequels and solo spin-offs we can expect over the coming years, though producer Kevin Feige has not confirmed what the future holds for the superhero franchise… gave you an unconfirmed list of Marvel Cinematic Universe releases post the 20th Century Fox/Disney Merger which proved that all X-Men films have been stopped.

We all know that Spider-Man Far From Home is coming out in July. A Black Widow film is on the horizon, and Thor 4 is in the works.  There is also another Ant-Man and the Wasp, Doctor Strange 2 and another Ryan Coogler Black Panther will direct and pen the upcoming sequel. Plus Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol. 3 returns with James Gunn back in the driver’s seat, thank goodness.

The next MCU film which kicks off Phase 4 is the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man Far From Home which hits theaters in July.

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesBlack Widow (ETA: 2020)

Moving forward the MCU Phase Four is basically an open slate except for the confirmed films, Black Widow that’s been cast and is showing major promise. Florence Pugh is set to be Black Widow’s polar opposite in the upcoming film.

Meanwhile, The Eternals, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in the works with James Gunn back in the driver’s seat.

The next big film in the MCU will be Black Widow which begins filming in June and is said to take the as-yet-unclaimed 1 May 2020 release date.

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesThe Eternals (ETA: 2020)

The Rider filmmaker Chloé Zhao has been hired to direct an adaptation of The Eternals, scripted by cousins Matthew and Ryan Firpo. The film will have a central focus on the character Sersi, who has not been cast yet.

Angelina Jolie has entered discussions to join the film in a currently unknown role.

The Eternals is expected to start shooting towards the end of the year and will likely come after Black Widow.

The film will therefore likely take the other 2020 release date mapped out by Marvel set for November 6. 2020.


Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesShang-Chi (ETA: 2021)

In 2021 it seems that MCU fans will be introduced to a new superhero which is the studio’s first Asian protagonist, Shang-Chi. Chinese-American writer Dave Callahan has written the script for Shang-Chi which is said to have been “fast-tracked” by Marvel. Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) has been hired to direct.

No casting announcements have been released as of yet, though Shang-Chi could take one of Marvel’s three 2021 release dates: February 12th, May 7th, or November 5th, 2021.

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesBlack Panther 2 (ETA: 2021)

Considering how Black Panther quickly became one of Marvel’s most successful films to date (outgrossing Infinity War in the United States and earning an Oscar nomination for Best Picture), it’s no surprise that a sequel is on the way.

Ryan Coogler will return to script and direct the sequel.

Again, no filming date has been announced but many expect the sequel to take one of those 2021 dates.

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesDoctor Strange 2 (ETA: 2021)

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character will return, despite being turned to dust in Infinity War. And yes, Scott Derrickson will return as director for Doctor Strange 2.

Filming expected to start in early 2020. More than likely Doctor Strange will be the third Marvel release in 2021.

We can expect a lot from the upcoming Doctor Strange since he ends up being an intricate part in the fight against Thanos in Endgame.

We apologize but we refuse to spoil any of Avengers Endgame for those who have yet seen the film. It is just too good of a movie and we want you to get the full effect when you see it for the first time.

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesGuardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (ETA: 2022)

Moving on to 2022. The third Guardians of the Galaxy installment was expected to start filming in early 2019. It was originally set for a 2020 release but due to all the James Gunn drama, the movie was up in the air.

The good news is James Gunn back in the driver’s seat after a series of meetings between Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn and Gunn.

The studio decided to reverse the decision and Guardians is back in production. But Gunn has to wrap directing the DC Universe film The Suicide Squad. Guardians of the Galaxy will come after.

That means Guardians Vol 3  is pegged for 2022 – February 16th, May 6th, or July 29th, 2022.

Captain Marvel 2 (TBA)

Post Avengers Endgame MCU Phase 4 Release DatesWe all know that Captain Marvel 2 is happening, the big question is when and what year will the sequel hit. More than likely it will hit in two years so somewhere in 2021.

Brie Larson’s superhero has been a success at the box-office and will play a key role in Endgame. With Marvel being the savvy studio they are, we expect a sequel will be announced soon enough.

There is still another Ant-Man and The Wasp film which will probably be in 2021

There are talks of The Fantastic 4 returning to the MCU which will introduce the X Men as well as, the reboot of Blade.

The X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers crossover Future, How it could pull together:

As for the final slot: 2022 will mark three years since Endgame. It could prove to be the perfect slot for the new Avengers with an all-new line-up which we spoke about. This could introduce She-Hulk and Ghost Rider, but we would need solo films to introduce them.

The only X-Men that survived the Disney buyout is Deadpool, so Ryan Reynolds smart-mouthed anti-hero will be returning in a third film in the future.

One movie that is said to be in the works is Doctor Doom. Feige has reportedly met with Noah Hawley, who was previously hired to script a Doctor Doom film, about writing a film centering on the Fantastic Four villain.

Possibly Doctor Doom could be the catalyst that brings the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers together is an all-out battle.  We will see.

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