Dwayne Johnson Abandons Franchise Due To Scheduling

Dwayne Johnson Abandons Franchise Due To Scheduling

Dwayne Johnson Abandons Franchise Due To Scheduling!

The “Red Notice” actor Dwayne Johnson is now at a point in his career when he has more projects than he has time.

When it comes to The Rock, his popularity has made him his own franchise, so there is no time for one-off movies, CelebnMovies247.com has learned.

Johnson says that his projects need to have that magic element that lights him up. Movies like Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt and Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot had that magic for him. However, while he says that he has a great idea for San Andreas 2, it’s not great enough to part the seas.

During an interview with SiriusXM, Dwayne Johnson said:

There’s a great idea for San Andreas that we had, I think it’s great. You know the challenge that we’re having honestly is what you guys said, is scheduling.

The problem that surfaces for Johnson are his schedule. San Andreas came out in 2015, so its time for a sequel but The Rock has signed on for many sequels and started other projects likely to require them.

Currently, Dwayne Johnson is signed on for Jungle Cruise 2, the next Jumanji film does seem to be happening, the first Black Adam movie is coming and it is likely that a sequel for the DC adventure will be a guarantee, and he has promised that his plans for Hobbs & Shaw 2 has The Moses Effect and will make it on his schedule.

Johnson then said San Andreas 2 had a scheduling problem. That very much sounds like he is prepared to leave the sequel plans behind him.

If San Andreas 2 does turn out to make it onto Dwayne Johnson’s schedule, it’s likely a movie that will happen far into the future.

And let’s not forget Vin Diesel has been begging Dwayne Johnson to return to the Fast & Furious franchise for part 10.

This leaves the question, when will San Andres 2 happen…2030? Will fans still be interested?

Johnson movies that are greenlit are – Red One, The King, Doc Savage, Black Adam 2, Jungle Cruise 2, Big Trouble in Little China, DC League of Super-Pets, and Jumanji 3.