Frank Grillo Starring In The Dagon

Frank Grillo Starring In The Dagon

Frank Grillo Starring In The Dagon!

Continue on for more information about Frank Grillo, who will be seen in the upcoming Purge 6, will be seen in a slew of movies. He has become one of the high demand actors in Hollywood. Adding to his list of films in The Dragon…

No, we haven’t gone and left a letter out of the headline – reports that Frank Grillo will indeed be battling a Dagon (well, more than one) in The Machinist director Brad Anderson’s new creature feature.

Peter Mattei wrote the script for the new film, which focuses on Jack (Grillo), a father looking to control his family’s isolated rural life. When his eldest daughter comes of age, the family must confront the Dagon — the terrifying, deadly creatures that surround them every night.

Anderson says:

Frank Grillo is one of the most compelling and dynamic actors out there and I have been wanting to work with him for ages. The Dagon is tailor made for his huge talents and I couldn’t be happier to have him on board. These days especially I think we need more movies like The Dagon – elevated dark stories that can transport you, horrify you, move you and, like all great fairy tales, work as both cautionary tales and beacons of hope.

Anderson should have the cameras rolling this autumn when production begins.

Grillo has currently movie in the works and set to release – A Day to Die, Paradise Highway, The Yacht, Operation Seawolf, Little Dixie, King of Killers, Lights Out, Man’s Son, Lamborghini, Hounds of War, Hard Matter, Year 2, Dirty, Branded, and now The Dragon.