Saw 11 Officially Confirmed By Lionsgate

Saw 11 Officially Confirmed By Lionsgate!

Apparently, rebooting the Saw franchised worked for Lionsgate because another film in the franchise has been confirmed and its happening faster than any of us thought… reports that Saw 11 Officially Confirmed By Lionsgates Instagram account, as seen below.


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We got the tip form Lionsgate/Instagram that following the success of the tenth movie earlier this year, Saw XI has been confirmed by Lionsgate. The long-running horror franchise made an impressive return to form with Saw X in the fall of 2023, with the installment bringing back Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) for another gruesome cat-and-mouse game. The movie earned the best reviews of the entire Saw franchise.

Now, months after Saw X terrorized theaters, Lionsgate shares the news that Saw XI is on the way. The movie was announced on Instagram with an ominous post that came with the caption, “The game continues.”

Few details have been revealed, but the studio confirms the movie will arrive in theaters on September 27, 2024. The image depicts the date in Roman numerals, while the specific number 11 is highlighted in red.

With Saw X, the body horror franchise scored its first-ever Fresh movie on Rotten Tomatoes, earning an 80% critics score and an even better 89% audience score. Financially, the movie couldn’t compare to the box office heights earlier installments reached, but it was considered an improvement upon the most recent entries. Saw X grossed $107 million worldwide, the sixth-highest grossing title in the franchise overall. That, coupled with the positive audience reactions, seemed to suggest another movie was very likely.

Now the biggest question will be where Saw XI fits within the overall timeline. Its predecessor was a prequel that slotted in between the original Saw and Saw II, a move that was necessary in order to ensure Jigsaw’s direct involvement. Based on the Saw X ending and its post-credits scene, it seems likely that the new movie will also come before the second film in the overall franchise. The final moments of Saw X featured the return of Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), as he and Jigsaw laid another trap for Henry Kessler (Michael Beach), one of the con artists who tried to trick Jigsaw previously.

Continuing Saw X’s story for the new movie seems like a smart way to go, considering how successful the previous project was. What are your thoughts on another Saw movie?